Road Trip To the Isle of Anglesey

Welcome to my new Portfolio website and my very first blog post about my recent escapade to the beautiful country of Wales.

Sunday 7th June finally arrived after months of planning.  The time had come to make the 6hr drive across the country with my photography buddy "Simon" and into Wales for a 2 day stay with his friends "Rick & Kim".  We decided to leave at 1am and miss the traffic, planned on sleeping beforehand, but was too excited about leaving the flat lowlands of East Anglia and into the Welsh Mountains.

GY_Anglesey_MapSeveral cans of Red Bull later and we arrived in Wales about 7ish and were instantly impressed with the sheer scale of the mountain ranges.  A quick stop at Pont Pen-y-benglog to grab a few shots and then onto the Isle of Anglesey to meet up with Rick & Kim.

Welsh Mountains

Pont Pen y Benglog, Gwynedd, Wales


We planned on having a rest for a few hours and then ventured out with our local host and guide "Rick" to The Dingle (Nant y Pandy) Nature Reserve, Llangefni.  Unfortunately, the light was that harsh, I left with nothing of note.  Back to Ricks to review what we had taken and a quick power nap before headed out in the evening to South Stack lighthouse.  I was trying to get a shot that was a different to what I had seen, so I decided to descend the 141 steps and wait for the sunset away from the other photographers.  Got a very pleasing composition and just had to wait for the sun to disappear behind a low cloud.

South Stack

South Stack, Anglesey


Once I had got the shot, I then had to leg it up the 141 steps as it was a bit of a one shot wonder and then found a perilous composition over the wall and standing on the steep cliff edge.  Deprived of sleep and hyped up on Red Bull I thought to myself " I wouldn't want to chase a wheel of cheese down that".  The thought of losing your footing, doesn't bear thinking about.

South Stack Finale

South Stack, Anglesey


We left South Stack around 10.30pm and headed back to Ricks for a quick kip and back up 4 hrs later to descend on Penmon Lighthouse for a dawn shoot.  The plan was to shoot the lighthouse with the sun rising behind it, but unfortunately the sky was barren of cloud and the scene didn't look that great.  Whilst looking about, I noticed that a cloud bank had rolled in over the mountains to my right and decided to shoot close to the sea edge on the slipper weed looking down the coast towards the brightl lit beach houses and mountain ranges.

Penmon Coastlline

Penmon, Anglesey


Back to Ricks for another power nap and off we set for a shoot on Pont Pen-y-benglog, Bangor.  Devoid of any reasonable sleep in the past 2 days I was stumbling around like a zombie, I somehow managed to find this waterfall half way up and loved the colours of the foliage and how the trees disappeared into the distance.

Mountain Stream

Pont Pen y Benglog, Gwynedd, Wales


Was rudely awoken whilst taking this photo at Pont Pen-y-benglog as a RAF jet came thundering down the mountain and into the valley, by the time I realised what the noise was, he was gone.  Will get him next time..

Pont Pen y Benglog Mountain Range

Pont Pen y Benglog Mountain Range


From Pont Pen-y-benglog, we headed to a few different locations, couldn't tell you where they were as I was spaced out on Pro Plus by this time trying to stay awake, but did meet with one of the locals whilst on a Welsh castle shoot.

Mesmerising Sunset

Mesmerising Sunset at Dolbadarn Castle

  1. June 18, 2015 -

    Really nice blog mate. I work in norfolk and its a gorgeous area. Keep up the good work.

    • June 18, 2015 -

      Thanks JWpictures, glad that you liked it and really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Was great shooting the different terrain of Wales, but feels good to be back in Norfolk. I think my next blog is going to have to be on the Norfolk Broads.

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